Sunday, October 08, 2006

Marmaduke, explained.

Haven't you always wondered what was going on in those Marmaduke cartoons? Me neither, but This Guy certainly does.

Marmaduke's fat, elderly neighbor-lady believes her phone to be ringing, but her husband tells her that it is probably one of Marmaduke's mobile phones (Marmaduke, for reasons still at large, owns a very large number of mobile phones).
Examples such as this abound. Some are funnier. Here's my favorite:
Marmaduke planned on eating dinner with his fat, elderly neighbors, but they are having something he doesn't like to eat and he flips a shit.
"Flips a shit." Man, that's awesomely deathless prose right there.

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Kathy said...

God, these are funny.

I must point out that I have trouble reading this and truly enjoying it because I always thought it was Marmanduke and not Marmaduke.

Sounds weird to me without the n, and it distracts me from the "flipped a shit" goodness.