Saturday, September 16, 2006

Just like this.

I know a guy that only dropped acid once and his trip was JUST LIKE THIS. (Here's the link.)


Kindralas said...

You have a knack for creatively making it so I can't see videos.

Not a member of YouTube, and don't really want to be. There's a missed opportunity for some father/son bonding.

In other news, the younger one gives Veronica Mars a thumbs up. Much like 24, I love living on the trailing edge of television.

Shocho said...

Some moron has tagged this as "inappropriate for younger viewers," which it is not in any possible way. So you can't see it unless you join or sign up.

I did get your letter on VM, but like all your letters, it's about 2000 words so I'll be working on my reply for a couple of days. :)