Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Hiro is my new hero.

Hiro is the Japanese guy on Heroes. I paused it a couple of times to get ice cream and stuff. So even though we started watching it in real time, I built up a little buffer in the DVR.

During Studio 60, I was fast-forwarding through commercials when that ran out. LWC said, "It's done, it's out, you've caught up." So I pressed the button real hard and knitted my eyebrows and gritted my teeth just like Hiro.

But I couldn't move the little line backwards on the DVR.

Tomorrow maybe I try flying, but I don't have a brother. Could be trouble.


Jon said...

I agree. I enjoyed Hiro a lot, but I wish they'd decide if he has time control or teleport, becaues whatever it is doesn't make any sense to me right now.

I also like the MILF with the killer twin in the mirror. Cool power.

DavĂ­d said...

Hiro was by far the best character on the show.

Shocho said...

Is that what Nikki does? I loved the cliffhanger there... we cut away, we come back and the dudes are destroyed and she looks like she doesn't know how... then she takes the camera. Cool.

DrHeimlich said...

I guess this is really a signpost for whether you actually liked the pilot of Heroes or not. I didn't like Hiro at all. He was a walking cliche. Geeky sci-fi comic book nerd, pining away with contrived dialogue like "haven't you ever wished you could be someone special?" Just because it's in Japanese this time doesn't mean we haven't heard it a thousand times before.

And get it? Hiro? Hero? My, aren't we clever.

Okay... here's the real truth. If you liked the show, I'm glad you found something you liked. And you can breathe a little easier today, because it seems to have opened to decent ratings, and might not be canceled by December like most new fall TV shows are. But for myself, the more I think about this show, the less I like it.

I'm holding out hope that I'll become interested in Greg Grunberg's character when he shows up (next week?), or that I'll be a little more interested in Adrian Pasdar's character now that he's been revealed as more than a polticial stick in the mud. (As an aside: damn, do I wish Profit had made it!) But it's pretty much all hanging on those two guys. And whatever it's hanging from isn't very sturdy.

Mkae said...

I'm still on the fence about it. I didn't really like any of the characters moreso than another but Hiro was kind of cliche. By the way, I think Nikki's power is that there is someone with her that she cannot see but in the mirror.

I did like the surprise at the end though which was nice.