Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Awesome new TV stand.

Obviously, we don't have a big hole in the wall to put the Daewoo Plasma into at the new apartment. We tried to use an old TV stand (the one I had in my office), but it was the wrong height to use with the cubes we have.

We shopped at Circuit City and then Best Buy, and saw TV stands that cost as much as $500! Yikes! Searching through the clearance stuff at Best Buy, LWC found a cool $79.95 black and silver job marked down to $19.95! I wasn't sure it would hold the Daewoo until I lifted it to go into the cart and said, "Mother fucker!" It's heavy.

I found out from the company website that it weighs 72 pounds, so that's exactly how much "Mother fucker!" weighs (for me, at any rate, YMMV). They also told me I could buy another shelf for the middle part (that's part G for you reading along at home) for only $9.04 including shipping! Nice.

Anyway, it looks great, black and silver like the Daewoo and our other game stuff and home theater box, so a tremendous shopping victory. Huzzah!

(No, that's not our monitor and other stuff in that picture.)


Kathy said...

Until I got to your last sentence, I was absolutely thinking, "Wow, CK and LWC sure set their television up neatly, didn't they?"

Anonymous said...

ah, the clearance rack. i feel at home shopping from the clearance rack.