Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Review: House of Flying Daggers.

I already reviewed this movie once. The inestimable Michael Reynolds told me to give it another chance. Back when I had Cox Cable, like yesterday, I had a DVR so I went to all the trouble of clicking twice and watched it again.

It was wonderful. I don't know what my problem was the day I saw it the first time, but I thoroughly enjoyed it the second. Makes you wonder if you spent $100 million to make your movie and the reviewer had an attack of narcolepsy the day he watched your preview showing, how much money would you lose?

Anyway, I hereby publicly apologize to everyone who made House of Flying Daggers. Your flick kicked ass. It is Top 100 material for me.

For those of you who love movies, remember, sometimes a movie is worth a second chance. Thanks, Mike.


the evil one said...

Ouch. Those were some pretty harsh comments about House of Flying Daggers.

I don't know if a simple "Oops... My bad, no hard feelings" works. But then again, I commend you for watching it a second time. I can't think of a single movie critic that would have done that.

- Enrique

Shocho said...

Well, they probably don't get paid for a second viewing. Honestly, all the bad things I said about HOFD were from my experience with Hero, and LWC says I fell asleep again during HOFD in the theater, so I guess I missed something the first time through.