Friday, August 11, 2006

Jeopardy neepery.

Here's a list of Jeopardy terms and nicknames, far more arcane and silly than possibly necessary. Many are named for famous (?) contestants.

Shore's Conjecture

n. in Final Jeopardy! wagering strategy, a conjecture that betting only enough to stay ahead of a second-place player who is within two-thirds the score of the leader and who also wagers to keep the third-place player locked out gives the leader a better chance of winning than does making the shut-out bet. Shoretegic wagers presuppose a second-place player's aptitude to obey the Two-thirds Rule (though they may sometimes win even when the second-place player does not) and are in direct violation of Boyd's Rule.

etymology Proposed by Season 21 2-game champion Bob Shore.
Okay, some of them are actually funnier than that one. The website is called J!Archive and has lots of other Jeopardy trivia. (Sounds redundant, doesn't it?)

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