Monday, August 28, 2006

Halfway home.

We're staying with the Lischkes for two days, so we've made it halfway from Virginia to Colorado. Got to see the B (that would be Brigid) and the original B (that would be son Brian). Yay! We drove through downtown and saw new Busch Stadium and the Ed and the Arch and all that good stuff. Nice.

No incidents whatsoever on the trip, everything went fine. I ran the wipers to remove some bug juice and noticed I had only one windshield wiper. WTF? You think you'd see that fly off. When we stopped, I found the wiper laying in the hood cowl. So the mechanic got the new wipers, put one on, and went to lunch and forgot the other one. I snapped it on, and all was good. That was our worst incident.

We got really lucky when the crappy Days Inn we stayed at had Speed TV, so we saw practice, qualifying, and the whole F1 race from Istanbul. Awesome track, great race!

Still trying to hook up with my sister, but we have tonight and tomorrow for that. Then it's off for the second leg. We'll see if I finish my CD book Cell by Stephen King. Started off with a bang, and then got super boring.


George Haberberger said...

So Chuck, are you going to drop in on Star Clipper while you're in town?

Shocho said...

Don't think we'll make it to SC, although I did hear it's still up and running. Still trying to work Steak 'n' Shake into the game plan... :P