Saturday, July 22, 2006

I'm taking it back, it's okay.

Clerks 2 was terrific. There are only two things I didn't like about it. Firstly, I refuse to use roman numerals for the title. And secondly, Jason Lee as some guy they went to school with? Didn't anybody notice that he looked like somebody else? I dunno, maybe I'm too picky there. I can't BELIEVE after all the stupid-assed movies that Joel Siegel gets paid to watch that he walked out on this one. Jesus.

We just saw Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back on FX before we left for the movie, and THAT flick ends with God literally closing the book on "The Viewaskewniverse." So I kinda wanted to see her reopen it, or maybe close it with authority here at the end. We tried to stay for the dead dog last bit of the credits, but they got into the LOTR-DVD type of "your name's in the movie, dude!" list of eleventy trillion fans at the end and it was going REAL slow. We'll see when the DVD comes out, I guess.

This movie was about the same thing the first one was about, which is what you think you want from life versus what you really want. Nice indeed. Rosario was fabulous. Rosario is always fabulous.


TheGirard said...

chuck's a porch monkey

don't worry...i'm bringing it back


Rosario was smoking. Chuck IS a porchmonkey and the Donkey show was wrong. Don't worry. Girard's bringing it back.

The Evil One said...

I believe Kevin Smith said that even through "God" closed the book, the bookmark was still at a mid-point and that there is plenty of story to still tell.

- Enrique