Wednesday, March 02, 2005

What if it's my name?

This is the list of "1,121 Naughty Words" you can't put on a jersey at the online NFL shop. Interesting to me is that you can't use the word "GAY," which is exactly what Detroit Lions player William Gay had on the back of his jersey for nine years. Here's a bio bit:

Gay came to Detroit as a tight end following a trade with the Denver Broncos in 1978. The former Southern Cal star’s NFL career took off when he was switched to the defensive line in 1979. He had 61.0 career (1978-87) sacks including a Detroit record 5.5 sacks in a game against Tampa Bay in 1983. Gay was voted the Lions’ defensive MVP and chosen to the Pro Bowl following the Lions’ 1983 NFC Central Division championship season.


Kathy said...

Isn't it funny how there are so many institutions who feel, since Boobgate, that they have to be our parents?

What if I was gay and wanted to put that on the back of the jersey? What's the freaking harm in that? How ridiculous that they seem to think "gay" would be a negative, "bad" thing to put on a piece of NFL apparel.

I wonder if Blood N' Guts would be okay with them? Where do you draw the "offensive" line? (Get it, that's an NFL pun. Like the offensive...oh, that's right. Things aren't funny when you explain them.) But really? Whose personal politics are being used to determine what's offensive and what's not?

If it's W, we're all screwed.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention recent Cleveland and Indianapolis running back Benjamin Gay (yes, Ben Gay).

That said, I think that if I were drafted by the NFL (work with me here, people), I would immediately change my name to Motherfucker L. Cocksucker. The L would, of course, stand for "Lawrence."

-- Jason