Monday, February 28, 2005

We hates the lane jumpers, yes, we does.

In Seattle, they're ticketing "lane jumpers." Finally, I have the name for the assholes that don't understand that there's no speed lane for late arrivals when we're all going to the same place. I was heartened to discover dozens of Fark Folk that agree with me on this one.

Whenever a lane jumper forces others to hit the brakes, that causes a "deceleration wave" moving rearward, disrupting the entire flow, he explained.

"It might be OK for him, but it's going to be worse for everyone else," Barrett said.

Personally, I take a different route to work now because every day, I arrived there upset with lane jumpers. For you local folks, I used to take Indian River to 64 to 264 to get downtown, and now I go all the way down Indian River to the Berkley Bridge. I could not stand the lane jumpers getting onto 64 and 264.


Rob said...

puh-leaze.... i use to live outside of D.C. You're closer. Sometime you'll have to help me solve the mystery: where do D.C. drivers store their white-tipped canes and sunglasses when they're driving

Shocho said...

Well, I can certainly testify that when some moron cuts me off here in Virginia Beach, that moron usually has a Maryland license plate. So pretty much same difference there.

Number two on the lousy driver list is Florida license plates. We get all kinds here in our little military enclave, and I've been run off the road by oblivious Florida drivers before.