Saturday, February 19, 2005

Still wondering why I have no Xbox?

I mean, besides the fact that they're a product of the Evil Empire and all, there's this combustion thing. Microsoft is recalling 14.1 million power cables worldwide for some of its Xbox consoles over fire safety concerns. As the guys on Top Gear said about an automobile recall, just think of the cost of 14 million stamps!


Rob said...

Wondering what postage rates have to do with zippos....? posted comment to the wrong bloody message.

Seriously, I AM bummed about rate hike. Just think what 14 million extra shipments could do...

Shocho said...

Just figure that for them to manufacture a new power cord, mail out a notice, and plan for shipping costs them a dollar. That's a $14 million recall, even if nobody takes them up on it.

I guess the alternative is an outbreak of flaming KOTOR players, and that's not very attractive.