Thursday, January 27, 2005

New Arizona Cardinals logo... not by much, though.

Yes, it's true I have lots of reasons to dislike Bill Bidwill's Arizona Cardinals. Most of the reasons start with B and end with Bidwill. If anybody needs to know how to run a sports franchise into the ground, just watch Bidwill do his stuff. To see some real spin at work, check out the new Arizona Cardinals logo. We want people to associate this new logo with the kind of aggressiveness and toughness they can expect from our team and throughout the organization but ultimately we want people to associate it with success.

First of all, that "ornery bird" (as legend Don Coryell called it) is damned cool and a classic. Secondly, they really didn't change it at all. If you can stomach it, watch the three minute video in which they speed through over a hundred years of Cardinals history, unable to find any real highlights. Nice to see Neil Lomax and Roy Green again, though.

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